Delivering Professional Finishes with Over 25 Years of Industry Experience

At REFLECT PAINTING & DECORATING, we take pride in offering excellent service and A-grade results to our valued clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that every project is done right the first time, the Reflect way.

Cracking the Code to Outstanding Results

What Sets Us Apart?

Trained & Insured Professionals

Leveraging the craftsmanship of paint experts, our fully insured professionals utilize premium materials, ensuring a superior finish and lasting quality.

Premium Material Selection

our commitment to premium materials in paint guarantees enduring quality. Elevate your experience with the finest, ensuring a lasting, standout finish.

We Guarantee Our Work

Confidently guaranteed for quality painting and decorating, our work speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction.

At REFLECT Painting & Decorating

We enjoy what we do and it shows in the professional finish we provide.

Do it right the first time,
Do it the REFLECT WAY The Secret behind the Reflect Result

Painting is believed to be a major contributor to the value of a property. We here at Reflect Painting and decorating service agree with this, however the value of painting goes a lot deeper then that. Apart from all this, we cant put a price on how a freshly painted home makes us feel. Matching the right quality paint to the right surface after the right amount of preparation has been done, is the secret to achieving the Reflect result.

Bridging Brilliance

Our Official Partners & Visionary Associates

BUNNINGS Approved Painting Services

As officially approved painters recognized by Bunnings, we contribute to the reputation of a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Our status as Bunnings approved painters underscores our dedication to craftsmanship, adhering to the stringent quality benchmarks set by the industry leader. Reflect Painting & Decorating is your trusted partner in enhancing both the aesthetics and protective elements of your home.

Reflect Services Official Partners and Visionary Associates Bunnings Malborne Victoria

(HIA)Housing Industry Association Member

Embracing a shared dedication to excellence, Reflect Painting & Decorating is honored to be associated with the esteemed Housing Industry Association. Our active membership, identified by the distinctive Member ID 1186238, signifies our commitment to industry standards and innovation.

Reflect Services Official Partners and Visionary Associates HIA Member Melbourne Victoria

THE MOULD DOCTOR Visionary Associates

In our pursuit of excellence, Reflect Painting & Decorating proudly associates with The Mould Doctor, renowned for providing Melbourne’s best Mould Removal Services. Reflect Painting and Decorating Services are The Mould Doctor’s exclusive painting company, entrusted to paint various rooms for their clients once they have been treated for Mould. This partnership reflects our commitment to comprehensive home improvement, addressing both aesthetic concerns and crucial health and longevity factors.

Reflect Services Official Partners and Visionary Associates the mould dr Malborne Victoria


Elevating Property Value

Painting not only elevates a property’s value but also adds a unique touch that sets it apart. This distinctive quality becomes crucial, especially in sales scenarios, where homes vie for attention in a competitive market.

A well-chosen and professionally executed paint job can be the deciding factor that grabs the interest of potential buyers, making a property stand out.

Reflect Painting & Decorating
Reflect Painting & Decorating
Reflect Painting & Decorating

It’s not just about the visible upgrade; it’s about adding character and charm, turning a house into a truly inviting and coveted home. In the tapestry of real estate, a thoughtfully painted property becomes a canvas of distinction, leaving an indelible mark that resonates with both practicality and emotion—a home that captures hearts and stands the test of time.

Transform your space with REFLECT PAINTING & DECORATING

Experience the difference of our professional painting and decorating service.

Reflect Painting & Decorating

Why choose us?

Distinctive Excellence
Reflect Painting & Decorating Elevating Your Property with Unmatched Quality and Service.

Diverse Expertise:

From revitalizing fences to enhancing walls with epoxy finishes and giving decks a vibrant new look, our skilled professionals handle it all.

Melbourne’s Finest:

Proudly serving Melbourne, Victoria, we are dedicated to being the best in the business, offering top-tier painting and decorating services.

6-Year Workmanship Warranty:

Your satisfaction is our priority. With a solid 6-year workmanship warranty, we stand behind the quality and durability of our work.

Premium Materials:

We use only the finest premium materials, ensuring a lasting and vibrant finish that withstands the test of time and weather.

Cutting-edge Equipment:

Equipped with the latest tools and technology, our team ensures precision and efficiency in every project.

Experience the difference of quality craftsmanship with a touch of artistic flair.

Pensioner Discounts Available!

Service Area

Discover the beauty of Melbourne and beyond with our premier painting and decorative services in Rowville, Victoria. We bring creativity and craftsmanship to Melbourne’s CBD, Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern suburbs, Yarra Valley, Peninsula, and all corners of our state within a 150 km radius. Our dedicated team transforms spaces in iconic suburbs like St Kilda, Essendon, Mornington, and picturesque areas such as Geelong and Ballarat. Whether you’re in the city or tranquil outskirts, our commitment to excellence travels with us. Ready to elevate your space? Fill out the form today and let’s transform your surroundings!